Friday, July 21, 2006

2008 Presidential Politics

I'm a republican and don't make any bones about it. So this post is about (some but not all) potential republican candidates for the presidency. There may be democratic candidates who share my conservative values but I haven't found them yet.

Although the mid-term elections are still over two months away, the potential candidates for the 2008 republican nomination for president are already trying to build support for their candidacy. Massachusetts governer Mitt Romney will be in Franklin, TN, on August 4 to speak at an event. There are some in Tennessee who are already promoting him for the White House. Romney has publicly stated that he is pro-life and pro-marriage.

Another potential candidate for the republican nomination is Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee. Some are touting him for president in 2008. Huckabee is a former Baptist minister, is pro-life and pro-marriage. Like Romney, it appears that Huckabee is drumming up support in Tennessee for his candidacy. He was recently in Tennessee at a Reagan Day dinner.

It appears that Romney and Huckabee are trying to make in-roads on Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist's turf. No wonder Frist is scheduled to be in Jackson, TN, (my hometown) this Sunday for a public appearance. He can't let Romney and Huckabee cut too far into his support base in Tennessee.

Christians will have to sift through these candidates (and others like Sam Brownback and John McCain and Rudy Giuliani) to see who most closely represent the beliefs we hold dear.

Both the mid-term elections this November and the 2008 presidential election are important. Just like these potential candidates are beginning to test the water for support, we as Christians need to begin testing these candidates against our Christian worldview.
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How have I not known about this blog...great stuff. I'll have to thank Cara for pointing me in your direction. I'm eager to read your book!

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