Sunday, July 16, 2006

Should Churches Be Involved In Politics?

Before I write about today's topic, I want to update yesterday's post. I mentioned the federal appellate court decision which arose out of Nebraska and the state court decision in Tennessee. I failed to mention two other important decisions, one from a New York state appellate court (anyone suprised by this?) and the other from the Georgia State Supreme Court. These decisions had pro-family groups celebrating.

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I believe these are important decisions. I believe that issues regarding family and marriage are best left to the citizens of their respective states who can influence action in these areas either through their state legislatures and/or by voting on constitutional amendments at the polls. Courts (particularly federal courts) should not be defining marriage.

Now to today's post. What about politics in the church? Good or bad? There is an interesting article from Reuters about a church in Ohio that is actively involved in Republican politics. I'm not sure I agree with a church being involved in politics but certainly support the notion that evangelical Christians should be more involved in the political processes. Evangelical Christians need to either be running for elected office in local, state and national races, or intensely supporting other Christians who are.

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