Monday, July 17, 2006

Two Sides to Every Story

The Republican primary race to replace Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist is down to its last few days. An interesting story developed Friday between the campaign for Bob Corker and the campaign for my friend, Ed Bryant. This story goes to show you that the old adage "[a]ll politics are local" still rings true. Bob Corker is getting ridiculed by some for not debating the other candidates in certain parts of the state. Reportedly, he backed out of the only statewide debate between the three republican candidates. People dressed in chicken costumes have been appearing at some of Corker's campaign stops. At one such stop someone in a chicken costume allegedly ran his/her car over an angry Corker supporter. The Chattanooga Times Free Press gave this account of what transpired while the Nashville Tennessean reported that the angry Corker supporter attacked the "young kid['s]" car. Do events like this sway voters?

This primary is important on a nationwide basis. Whoever wins will face Harold Ford, Jr. in the November general election. Should the Repulicans loose this seat it could shift the balance of power in the U.S. senate.

A Bryant campaign insider told me that Ed Bryant is making gains and that the third candidate, Van Hilleary, is in a free fall. Ed needs to pick up as many of Hilleary's voters as possible to beat Corker. As I mentioned a few days ago, Ed Bryant is a stand-up guy, and is a Christian. We need folks like Ed Bryant in the U.S. Senate. This election is important.
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