Sunday, August 06, 2006

Back to Work

I'm finally back from an extended vacation. The beach was relaxing and the food from our favorite restaurants was delicious! We ate like royalty every night! Hilton Head Island is my family's favorite vacation spot. We can't wait to get there and hate to leave when the week is over. We were a day delayed in arriving because of my son's state baseball tournament -- his team finished in a tie for 5th. Weekly rentals for condos at HHI is from Saturday to Saturday. We didn't arrive until late Sunday night. The first thing we did was chart out which restaurants we would eat at on particular nights. And that's pretty much our vacation: the beach for hours on end; nice restaurants and a few rounds of competitive putt-putt!

When I returned home it wasn't long before I logged into the office. Reality set in and I quickly realized that the vacation was over. I had in excess of 150 work-related e-mails in my inbox!

After I skimmed through my e-mails and determined that there were only a couple of emergencies waiting on me, I checked several websites including Terry Whalin's. Terry had an interesting post yesterday and included this link to an interview with John Grisham. I've met Grisham on a couple of occasions although it is unlikely he remembers me. We attended the same law school -- although several years apart. I've heard him tell the story about The Firm that he recounts in this interview (and there is a little more to it than is mentioned in this article). It is interesting to me to read and hear about how writers become successful. It takes a tremendous amount of hardwork, but occasionally a bit of luck plays a part.

I've posted before about my friend Ed Bryant who ran for the republican nomination for the U.S. Senate. Unfortunately, he was defeated by Bob Corker last Thursday. Corker's a more moderate republican than Ed but he's tremendously better than the democratic candidate.

The Election hits the streets in less than a month! I should get some advance, complimentary copies in a few days. I can't wait. I'm continuing to work on a lot of publicity before the release but I also have an enormous workload at the office. I'm not sure I can get it all completed. One issue I hope to blog about in the future is how to balance work, writing and family. It is easy to get stretched too thin.

Tomorrow we'll get back to looking at faith and politics. Anybody following the continued developments in the Middle East?

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