Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Book Promotion and Sales Rankings

Yesterday three events took place that are significant in my marketing plan to promote The Election. First I received some complimentary copies from the publisher that I'm giving away to people I hope will influence others to make a purchase. Second was officially getting added to the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance. The CFBA is an organization of writers who are committed to promoting Christian fiction. The third event was a book review by Randall Murphree, editor of the AFA Journal. Today Randall added to the AFA website (and disseminated through the Agape Press news sevice) an interview with me.

I took the opportunity to send out an e-mail blitz to my e-mail contacts. Prior to this e-mail, the sales ranking at Amazon.com for The Election was over 800,000. That meant that 800,000 books had better sales than my book. That made perfect sense because The Election had not been released so no one was purchasing. But Amazon now has some available. By last night the sales ranking for The Election had fallen to 19,000. By midday today it was back up to over 80,000 but as I was typing this post it fell again to 34,000.

The Amazon sales rankings are fickle and not a very accurate way of measuring sales success. If, however, a book remained in the top 25 (an extremely optimistic goal by the way) then the author could claim "bestseller" status -- at list on Amazon.

Certainly all authors aspire to write bestsellers but it is a very rare occurrence. It takes consistent marketing and a lot of effort on the part of the publisher and the writer to even sell a few copies. So if you see the sales ranking on Amazon fluctuate for a particular book, don't read anything into it. But if you see sales ranking for a particular book of 100 or less then the book really might be having significant sales.

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