Friday, August 11, 2006

Book Sales Up in First Half of '06

Publishers Weekly reported today that bookstore sales rose 4.2% in June to $1.18 billion. This strong month pushed bookstore sales into positive territory with a 0.8% increase for the first half of 2006 to $7.48 billion. That's a trend all of us in the publishing industry likes to see.

Publicity opportunities continue for The Election. I will be on this local cable show on August 29 to discuss my novel with the host, Steve Bowers. I suspect Steve will try to squeeze in a few questions about county government. The show will be taped during the afternoon to be played that evening. It will air several more times during the following seven days.

On our continuing discussion about faith and politics I found this interesting article by Matt Friedeman. His question is whether the church should steer clear of politics. It's an interesting question similar to one I've raised in this blog previously. Friedeman concludes his article by saying that a church that gives up on participation in politics and one that becomes absorbed by politicians and political viewpoints are both unacceptable. I agree. There is a fine line -- but still a line -- that must not be crossed.

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Blogger Matt Friedeman said...


Thanks for the link and agreement on this tough issue. In practice at my local church (I am a pastor) I steer wide of political personalities (candidates) while making sure we deal with issues when they strike at the heart of morality.

Thin line, to be sure. But we have to walk it.

Yours, Matt Friedeman

2:29 PM  

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