Monday, August 28, 2006

On-Line Bookstore

I wasn't aware that a person (any person) could operate their own on-line bookstore, but they can. Sure I knew about Christianbook, Amazon, etc. but any individual? To my surprise, I found out recently that my uncle and aunt have their own store. Here is the link to their site. It's called Grace Abounds. The beauty of the system is that they are connected to thousands of others who have their own stores. There is a centralized warehouse and delivery system. Someone could order through this site and have their merchandise delivered to them just as if they had purchased from Amazon or any other on-line store. And the store owner (in this case my uncle and aunt) make a little money rather than Amazon et al. The difficulty is driving traffic to the site. These small on-line stores don't have the marketing budget the mega stores do so they -- like fiction authors -- rely on word of mouth. So if you are looking for Christian merchandise take a moment and search through this on-line store.

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