Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Yesterday I posted about Amazon sales rankings and how you can't really measure sales success from the rankings unless the ranking is very high. Last night I was researching more about Amazon sales rankings mainly because now I have one and I'm curious to learn more. Mine has fluctuated between low 20,000's to 40,000 over the last two days. I suspect a single order can make the ranking move considerably. Anyway, I was researching and ran across this site called Titlez.

Titlez provides historic and current sales rankings and provides a printable report. You can compare titles against other titles. For authors, we can see how our book is performing but also compare the sales history against books in the same genre. I created a bookmark for Titlez so I can check it easily.

Titlez is currently free but the site indicates that it may start selling a subscription later this year.

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