Friday, September 01, 2006

Becoming Pro-Life

What makes a person proclaim to be pro-life or pro-choice? I believe that those who are pro-life carry that mantle because of their religious beliefs and faith in God and the pro-choice crowd are in that camp because of politics. I could be wrong.

I enjoy listening to Fred Barnes' commentary on Fox News and often read his articles. He has been in Jackson, TN, in the past to speak at a fundraiser for my alma mater, Union University. He has an interesting article today in the Weekly Standard (actually it is a condensed version of a speech he gave at the National Right to Life convention in June). Barnes describes his move to pro-life from apathy as something akin to a conversion experience. He describes other similar conversions.

I appreciate that he had an event in his life that forced him to get off the fence and he fell off on the side of choosing life. I suspect, however, that deep inside him he had already chosen life -- although he may not have voiced it -- because of his faith in God. His decision to take a stance wasn't politically motivated. It was motivated by his belief in God created life.

Where are you on this issue? Are you apathetic or do you firmly take a stance to choose life? We can't change our culture -- and the law -- by being apathetic and expecting someone else to fight the battle.

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Blogger Sabrina L. Fox said...

Coming in way late, but this is an important issue and I had to comment. I come from a mostly democratic family (which I have a hard time understanding how I turned out the way I did, LOL) anyway, other than my minister cousin, I'm a lone conservative, my uncle tries and tries to "teach" me why my political views are all wrong and how if christians would vote for the democrats we'd have more money, cheaper gas, etc... I finally answered him by saying "I can Never vote with my wallet. Instead I will vote with my heart and my morals and if that means we have some lean years but have a government that will make moral choices on issues like abortion and stem cell research, then so be it!

So that's where I'm at. ;)

8:24 PM  
Blogger Kathy4Scuba said...

I have a hard time saying that I'm pro-life even though I think abortions is wrong. Many years ago, I had a t-shirt that had the saying "Choose Life". That's something I can get behind. My problem with pro-life is that there's this perception that pro-lifers block abortion clinics, kill abortion doctors, etc. Even though that's not an accurate picture of all pro-lifers, there seems to be a lack of compassion in the movement. Where's the compassion for the women who feel that abortion is their only choice? Why aren't pro-lifers doing more to help these women make a different choice? Just making abortion illegal isn't going to fix the problem. Women will still get abortions. What needs to change is the moral fabric of America. Americans need to believe that abortion is not a moral choice and the church should be actively involved helping pregnant women both emotionally and financially. Also, the men that get the women pregnent should be held acountable. The man can't sit there and say "Well, I didn't make the choice to have an abortion, so I'm not a fault." They need to take responsibility and not get the woman pregnant in the first place.

9:19 PM  

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