Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Democrats Push for Religious Voice

While I was being interviewed on Family Net Radio one of the co-host asked me about a push within the democratic party to include more Christian voices. I wasn't familiar with that article so I did some research. Here is a link to an interesting Associate Press article about a new website that Scott & Lorri referred to.

Over the last several years conservative Christians have been associated with the Republican party. I welcome any news that the Democratic party is reaching out to evangelical Christians. Unfortunately I doubt that the Democratic party will change its platform on issues like abortion, gay rights, etc. sufficient enough to merit any significant exodus by Christians from the Republican party.

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Blogger Kathy4Scuba said...

Well, I already commented on this very thing in my last blog comment. I'm excited to see that this is going on. Conservative Christians don't have to have the same political views. I don't have to support the entire Democratic party platform in order to be a democrat. Just because I say I'm a democrat doesn't mean that I support abortion or gay rights! Let's have the church pull together as one body (republicans, democrats, independents, etc.) and affect real change in our world.

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