Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Presidential Politics

First a look forward. Over the weekend the Values Voter Summit was held in D.C. Several 2008 republican presidential hopefuls were present. One was Governor Huckabee from Arkansas. Huckabee has consistently held firm on issues that are important to Christians -- supporting traditional marriage and protecting the lives of the unborn -- and did so again this weekend. I've mentioned Huckabee in this blog before. He is a longshot for the nomination at this point but I hope he gains traction over the next 18 months.

Now a look back. Secretary of State Rice rebutted former President Clinton's angry statements on Fox News Sunday. If you recall, Clinton angrily defended his inaction to capture/kill Osama bin Laden and claimed he left behind a comprehensive plan for the Bush administration for dealing with Al Qaeda. Rice says that simply isn't true. I'm sure Rush Limbaugh is having a huge time covering this on his radio show this week.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jerome, you've gotta talk about this "intelligence" report that says the U.S. has increased the chances of terrorism by being in Iraq. It's like saying we increased our chances of being attacked by Germany when we bombed Berlin. Are these people serious? The obvious option is to not anger those who choose to fly airliners into our buildings. And I fear the GOP has been sent whimpering into a corner by all the venom directed at Bush. A staunch pro-life candidate will never get full backing. I continue to wonder if there any men left in Washington.

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