Sunday, September 24, 2006

Rantings From Clinton

Not Hillary --- Bill. Anybody see the interview Chris Wallace at Fox had with former President Clinton? With due apologizes to the Bard (and paraphrased poorly), "I think the man doeth protest too much." For those of you uninformed, here is a link to the interview and another one to a post interview comment by Chris Wallace. Of course, we all know that President Clinton had ample opportunity to capture or kill Bin Laden during his presidency but failed. I should say that we all know except Clinton. Byron York has a good rebuttal to the former president's assertions.

Speaking of Hillary, Jerry Falwell hopes she wins the democratic nomination. He thinks that a Hillary Clinton nomination would incite (and excite) Christians to get out and vote moreso than if satan himself were the candidate.

And liberals were unable to prevent John Roberts confirmation as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court so they simply attack his decisions at every turn. The politics of personal destruction.

Mid-term elections are about six weeks away. The murmur among the media has turned from claiming the democrats are going to retake congress; to the democrats are going to retake the house but not the senate; to now the talk is that perhaps the republicans can hold both branches. We can only hope.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, and speaking of double standards...have you caught the indignation of the media over Falwell's comment? Ohmigosh! I mean, no one in the media or the Democratic party has evereverever referred to George Bush as the devil, Hitler, liar, a terrorist...And Slick Willie tried to catch Osamah as with as much effort as Madonna puts into upholding some standard of decency. I'll take a breath now. Thank you for this opportunity to vent.

10:21 AM  

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