Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Religious Middle?

The "Religious Right" rose to prominence in the 1980's, lost some footing in the 1990's, but was sufficiently strong enough to elect President George W. Bush to two terms in the White House at the turn of the century. Now some believe that a new generation of religious leaders will move the political conversation more to the center. I posted recently about the democrats efforts to court Christians. Mark I. Pinsky has an article today that I picked up in the Los Angeles Times about what he describes as "kinder, gentler" leaders and dubs them the New Evangelicals. One of the sources Pinsky cites in his piece is an upcoming article co-authored by David Gushee. David is a fellow church member of mine and a professor at Union University, my alma mater.

I'm all for more conversation about issues that are important to Christians but not at the expense of sacrificing what I believe is an appropriate Biblical worldview. We'll have to see what impact these "New Evangelicals" have on the political landscape.

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