Thursday, October 05, 2006

Beyond Foleygate

Mark Foley's inappropriate contacts with former congressional pages continues to consume some news services but additional information is emerging. The Drudge Report has pointed out that the former page may have been 18 years old when the contacts with Mark Foley occurred and has also carried a blurb that perhaps the explicit instant messages were part of a hoax that went awry. Ann Coulter has reminded everyone of prior, similar mis-deeds by democrats. The spinning of this event will continue for a few more days. Some are even suggesting that Foley was somehow set up.

It will be interesting to see how this episode plays out in congressional and senate races, if at all. For the most part, all politics are local. And if the local party operatives are doing their part, then it may not have any impact at all. There is one congressional race in western North Carolina that caught my attention today. If I knew previously that Heath Shuler was running for congress I had forgotten. Shuler is from western North Carolina and was a star quarterback at the University of Tennessee. He was drafted high in the NFL draft, but an injury to his foot cut his career short. He is involved in many businesses in the western North Carolina - eastern Tennessee area. His name recognition and popularity likely make him a formidable opponent to the incumbent. Shuler is running as a democrat but talks like a republican. The race for this congressional seat is always close and it will be interesting to see how it turns out. It could be one of those pivotal races that determines whether the republicans maintain control of the house of representatives or not.

Keep your eyes open. News events will move rapidly over the next 3-4 weeks until that one last thing (we don't even know what it is yet) will occur that will impact the mid-term elections.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The timing of the allegations certainly makes it suspect. When one compares this to the Clinton affair, the hypocrasy of the media shines bright. If this were a Democrat, those accusing him would be labeled homophobes and self-righteous religious right-wingers. Still, we must maintain higher standards than our opponents. That's why I love Anne Coulter. Only she shred an opponent under a verbal barrage and still maintain decorum and dignity.

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