Monday, October 30, 2006

Do Republicans Love the LORD?

The mid-term elections are 8 days away and the candidates are pulling out all the stops. In Tennessee, the senate race between Bob Corker and Harold Ford to replace Bill Frist is heating up. I think the reason this race is close is because Bob Corker hasn't excited the republican base. This all goes back to the primaries where there was a three way race between Corker, my friend Ed Bryant and Van Hilleary. If Van had stayed out of it, Ed would have won and we'd have a true conservative running (Corker is more moderate).

But Harold Ford, although real smooth and a great campaigner, continues to make unforced errors. The most recent one is where he said republicans fear the LORD but democrats fear AND love the LORD. The link is to and you'll have to scroll down a little bit to find the video. Other sites have the same clip. Ford has also filmed a campaign ad inside a church.

Do democrats love the LORD more than republicans? Absolutely not. If they did they'd be opposed to abortion, homosexual marriage, etc. Republicans get criticized for what the mainstream media calls pandering to the religious right. That may be true but at least we're trying. At least the republicans are opposed to abortion, homosexual marriage, etc. Democrats only want to invoke their relationship with GOD during campaigns. When they get into office they do anything but vote or promote positions that come from a Christian worldview.

If he wins, Tennessee will rue the day that Harold Ford is elected to the senate.

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