Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Doomsday for Republicans?

I hope not. As I predicted last week, the Foley scandal has less prominence in the headlines this week although it hasn't disappeared completely. Some recent polling suggest a noticeable shift in favor of the democrats. Pundits are predicting that the republicans are loosing the vote of the "security moms" because of the fallout from the Mark Foley scandal. Admittedly, the scenario of the republicans retaining control of congress appears bleak.

Many times you can tell which races are the closest by where the parties are spending the most money. If that theory holds true, then republicans believe they need to spend money in Ohio, Missouri and Tennessee. These three seats appear to be the battleground for the control of the senate. Hanging on to the senate is extrememly important. John J. Miller gives a rundown of the competitive senate races here. You can see that he has 4 "toss up" races and 2 "leaning democratic takeover" but none "leaning republican takeover." That is bothersome. I believe we may see another Supreme Court Justice retire in the next two years and we need the republicans in control of the senate for confirmation purposes.

At this late stage of the campaigns, retention of control of the house of representatives by republicans appears to be in greater jeopardy than the senate. The Washington Post has an article today where even republican campaign strategists are predicting house losses of between 7 and 30 seats. We could live with 7, but 30 would be terrible.

What this means to all of us is that we need to work hard for those Christian, conservative candidates who are on the ballot in our respective areas. This election is important. You can say what you want to about recent events but the truth is that the republican party still more closely reflects Christian values than does the democrat party.

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