Monday, October 02, 2006

Mid-Term Elections Heat Up

You can read every article and editorial in every newspaper in the country and realize that the the mid-term elections are going to be close. Some pundits say that the democrats will take control of both houses of congress; others say one or the other; and still others claim that republican control is safe. We'll know in about 6 weeks.

Tennessee has consistently been a red state in recent elections. The current governor is the only democrat elected to a state-wide office in at least the last 12 years, if not longer. Even Al Gore couldn't carry the state in the 2000 presidential election -- and he's allegedly a native son. But some are opining that the race between the republican, Bob Corker, and the democratic candidate is to close to call. And really it shouldn't be. There's simply no reason why this should be a close race in this red state -- and I have my personal doubts about the polls. There's 4 or 5 articles in the "commentary" section of the website I linked to which will provide you with some pundits' reasonings why the race is close.

In Florida, Katherine Harris, the republican challenger for the senate seat held by Sen. Bill Nelson, has accused Nelson of claiming to be a Christian but not voting with a Christian worldview. You remember Katherine Harris, right? She rose to fame during the Florida presidential election lawsuit(s) in 2000. The national republican party tried to dissuade her from running for this senate seat, but she ran anyway. She won the republican primary, but nobody gives her much of a chance to beat Nelson. Realclearpolitics isn't even tracking this race. Although I don't give her much of a chance either, I do agree with her statement that Christians should vote for candidates who represent a Christian worldview with their actions-- and not simply give lip service to it.

And lastly, the media will continue to do all it can to influence the outcome of elections. The main stream media (MSM) tried hard to get Al Gore and John Kerry elected to the White House over George Bush. Fortunately, it failed. But here is Bob Woodward with a new book and he blatantly states that its release is timed to occur before the November elections.

If you've read my book The Election you know that I believe a critical day in the life of a political campaign is the Thursday before the election on Tuesday. I think that Bob Woodward's book is coming out too soon to have any real impact on the mid-term elections. There may not be any national story that impacts all the races this November, but watch for localized news on November 2 that impact individual senate/house races.

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