Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Mitt Romney for President

Will religious conservatives support a Mormon for president in 2008? The writer of this article in Slate certainly thinks so.

I'll have to chew on this one a little bit and do some more research on Romney before I jump inside this tent. My religious beliefs and those of the Mormon religion differ so greatly that I'm not sure yet how excited I'd be about a Romney candidacy. I'm much more inclined to support Huckabee or Brownback than Romney.

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Blogger Big Jay said...

Mormons may believe some strange things, but on things like principles and values, they line up almost exactly with Evangelicals.

Besides. Who else has taken a state from a 3 billion dollar budget deficit to a surplus without raising taxes? Who else has been the architect of a plan that gets every citizen in his state health insurance? - A plan that is endorsed by the conservative heritage foundation, as well as the liberal legislature. Who else besides Romney? Give me a candidate as articulate in defending conservative values - someone who can articulate his positions so well that fence sitters are persuaded to his point of view. Yet someone who understands the positions of those he disagrees with well enough to disagree without coming across as unreasonable. Give me a candidate with proven executive and managerial experience in his professional life to the degree Romney has.

Just give me Mitt Romney for GOP nominee in 2008.

12:51 AM  
Blogger Ernie W. said...

I'd have to jump in and say that I would definently not vote for any Mormon to be president. The person who is a Mormon, and I have some who are friends that are mormons, may have good values and what not, but their true ideology and theology are in direct opposition to my own christian beliefs.

9:09 PM  

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