Saturday, October 21, 2006

Nancy Pelosi as Speaker?

What would happen to the country if the democrats obtained control of both the house and the senate? One thing is that Nancy Pelosi would likely be elected speaker of the House of Represenatives (although there are some rumblings that perhaps congressional democrats will not elect Pelosi speaker). Is that something we really want? Do we want Nancy Pelosi two steps away from being president? It gives me the shivers just to think about it.

What about those tax cuts that we've enjoyed and that have stimulated the economy? Larry Kudlow thinks some of those tax cuts are in jeopardy.

And what about all the other things we conservatives hold dear? They are probably in jeopardy as well. Even if you believe that the republicans in congress and President Bush have made some mistakes they are still better than the alternatives. As Fred Barnes stated in an article today, vote early and often and vote republican. As the sub-title for Barnes' article implies, a vote for democrats would be a setback for moderatives and conservatives. And may I add -- for Christians too.

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