Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Going Home

Next Thursday, December 7, I have the pleasure of doing a book signing at Jennie's Flowers & Gifts in Holly Springs, MS. Holly Springs is in Marshall County, MS, which is where I was reared--in the community of Mt. Pleasant. I look forward to going. The local newspaper has an article in this week's edition about The Election. I appreciate the editors mentioning my book and it will be good to see friends and family next week. It's always nice to go home.

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Blogger Sue Dent said...

No Way! Mt. Pleasant!!! My Grandaddy Lawler pastored a church in Red Banks. You know where Red Banks is don't you? We visited him often. WOW! They even named the road of the trailer park he lived in after him. He lived in a house though. One he built. We must chat sometime.

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