Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Thank You, John Kerry?

Has John Kerry provided the news story that will give the republicans the ammunition necessary to retain control of congress? I hope so but this story may be a little too early.

The story started with this foot-in-the-mouth statement from Senator Kerry. (Scroll down some and play the video then read the posts above it). On Monday, Senator Kerry insinuated that our military is full of individuals who could not get a college or graduate degree. Here it is Wednesday--less than a week before the mid-term elections--and the story's legs continue to grow (Real Clear Politics has several articles on this page) but we'll see whether it continues to play through the weekend. Can the man not simply say he was wrong and apologize? That would have nipped the issue in the bud quickly.

I like reading Dick Morris' columns because I think he has some insight (and wit) from his time at the White House. He thinks that the republicans are making strides with independents in the closing days but is having trouble hanging on to its base. Morris attributes this to the Mark Foley scandal. No doubt the republican leadership fumbled the ball where Mark Foley was concerned. I'm angry about it too, but not angry enough to vote for a democrat. If the republicans can shore up their base, perhaps they can surprise the mainstream media on November 7.

Then there's the important senate race in Tennessee. It appears that Harold Ford, Jr.'s campaign is imploding. Recent polling indicates that Bob Corker is opening a significant lead over Ford. And Ford's claim that his is pro-life is being exposed as a lie.

Another important senate race I haven't mentioned before is the one between Mike Steele and Ben Cardin in Maryland. This race is for an open seat that was previously held by a democrat. Mike Steele is an African-American republican and picked up huge endorsements this week. It would be a real big deal if Steele won this race--and it is very close.

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