Thursday, December 28, 2006

Duke Lacrosse Sexual Assault Case

I don't often post about legal cases in this blog. Most of the time my comments are about politics, religion and publishing. But the criminal case pending against the Duke lacrosse players continues to take interesting and surprising twists and turns. If you're not familiar with the case I'm referring to, then you can get up to speed here, here and here. Recently, the prosecutor dropped the rape charges against the three defendants but other charges remain. The whole case has had problems from the beginning. The accuser's story continues to change as does the story from the woman who was with the accuser the night of the alleged assault. Also, DNA tests results failed to identify any of the three men accused of the crime. An employee with the lab that performed the DNA tests claims that the prosecutor, Mike Nifong, told him not to release the DNA tests results.

Today the North Carolina Bar Association filed disciplinary charges against the prosecutor, Mike Nifong. This is serious stuff. The accusations against Nifong is that he has committed some level of misconduct in his handling of this case. Misconduct or not, I think that anyone who has followed the developments in this case will agree that it certainly has been handled poorly by the prosecution.

This case would make a great storyline for a novel!

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