Friday, December 08, 2006

Hatch-Obama Tithing Bill

I've been extremely busy the last several days and haven't had time to blog. But I saw a headline this afternoon that prompted me to stop and post. Some time ago I posted about a court decision that held that individuals who filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy could not continue to tithe. Senators Hatch and Obama proposed a bill that would amend the bankruptcy law to allow for these individuals to continue tithing. That bill passed Congress and is expected to be signed by President Bush.

Also, the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance has a blog tour (blour) this week on Never Ceese by Sue Dent.

I was in Holly Springs, MS, yesterday evening for a book signing at Jennie's Flowers and Gifts. I had a great time and thanks to all that came by and especially to the staff at Jennie's for hosting such a wonderful event.

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