Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Leaning to the Right

Over the last few months that I've been posting on this blog I've covered a wide range of topics. One has been the Supreme Court and another has been a look forward at the 2008 presidential election. Joan Biskupic has an article in the USA Today about Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Alito. The article talks about whether these justices can move the Supreme Court to the right. There will be some important decisions from the Supreme Court regarding social issues in the coming months. One of the most important will be the constitutionality of partial birth abortion. These opinions from the Court will be interesting to read and it will tell us whether we still need one more conservative jurist on the Court.

The blog over at RealClearPolitics has an interesting discussion about the electability of Rudy Guiliani in the republican primary. It is a thread worth reading but I hope that at some point in the next several months the conversation includes potential candidates like Mike Huckabee and Sam Brownback and isn't limited to Rudy Guiliani, John McCain and Mitt Romney.

Not too long ago I mentioned a book by Arthur Brooks which provided intrinsic data that conservatives give more to charitable organizations than liberals. Here is an interview with Brooks where he provides more insight into his findings. At this time of the year it warms the heart to see and read about man helping his fellow man. For example, members of my family have rung the bell for the Salvation Army and we've donated money to the Carl Perkins Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse to purchase Christmas gifts for children. But I suspect that giving by conservatives (particularly religious conservatives) isn't limited to the Christmas season.

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