Wednesday, January 10, 2007

President Bush Withdraws Judicial Nominees

This is the beginning of the damage that will result from the democratic takeover of the senate. President Bush has withdrawn four judicial nominees. And now President Bush will be extremely less likely to nominate truly conservative jurist to the federal bench because the democrats in the senate will successfully block their nominations. There might be a few who get by because of a deal that will be struck but by and large the democrats will oppose President Bush and more moderate judges will be confirmed when what the country really needs is more conservative federal judges. It is unfortunate. There was a real opportunity to get more judges on federal benchs who are conservative, strict constructionist, not judicial activists. But that opportunity has passed us by. And if we (conservative Christians and the republican party) don't wake up soon more senate seats will be lost in 2008 as well as the White House. That will be disastrous in terms of judicial appointments.

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