Sunday, January 21, 2007

When Was Hillary Clinton Video Filmed?

Over the weekend, Hillary Clinton announced that she is running for president and said that she is "in to win". Aren't all candidates? Also announcing over the weekend that he is running for president is Bill Richardson, governor of New Mexico. With Barack Obama, there are now candidates on the democratic side that hope to be the first woman president, the first African American president, and the first Hispanic president. The field is crowded but John Brummett provides a nutshell look at some of the candidates in this article.

An interesting thing was pointed out in a thread at the Free Republic blog. In the video where Hillary Clinton announces her candidacy there appear to be green trees and blooming flowers visible through the window. When was the video filmed? Speculation has been rampant for years that Hillary Clinton planned to run for the White House but how long as this video been ready? I doubt anyone will actually ask her.

Lastly, it looks like Dick Morris plans to "swift boat" Hillary Clinton with a critical film documentary (scroll down the article). Columnist Robert Novak reported that Morris is trying to raise funds to finance the project.

Bill Richardson served in President Clinton's cabinet and Dick Morris was a political advisor to Clinton. You think either or both of them know Hillary Clinton's skeletons? As interesting as things are starting, I can't even imagine how entertaining, but ruthless, the next fifteen months will be.

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