Friday, February 23, 2007

Long Lasting Impact of Christianity on Politics

Many try to exclude faith and religion from politics. But where would our culture be without men and women of faith like William Wilberforce? Wilberforce was an evangelical who helped bring an end to the British slave trade. There is a movie out called Amazing Grace about Wilberforce's life. I haven't seen it yet but it might be worth catching. Here is some more information about Wilberforce.

Would someone else have stood up if Wilberforce had not? Perhaps. But the truth is that Wilberforce did. His faith required it. What about today? Are there local, state and national leaders who will allow their faith to impact their decision making? What about the current slate of presidential candidates? Do they apply their faith to how they serve in office? Personally, I find a candidate's faith important to whether I support them or not. I know many disagree with me. But there must be something inside a person that impacts how they will make decisions. If it is not their religious faith, then what is it?

On a different note, I saw an article today that there is a remote possibility that Joe Lieberman might switch to the republican party. And it would be caused by the senate democrats' push for a vote on the war in Iraq. Wouldn't that create entertaining chaos in the senate?


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