Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Stem Cell Funding Headed for Another Veto

The senate today voted to authorize federal funding for stem cell research that would lead to -- either directly or indirectly -- the destruction of human embryos. The president is expected to veto it. I hope he does. If allowed to pass, the federal funding would result in the destruction of embryos for scientific purposes. It would result in the further disrespect of the sanctity of human life.

There are other promising scientific discoveries that should be pursued instead of embryonic stem cell research. Adult stem cells should be further researched as should the recent discovery of stem cells in amniotic fluid. I'm interested to see what Professor Robbie George will have to say about this most recent attempt by the democratic controlled senate.

I recently read an article about other stem cell research that would not promote the destruction of embryos. This research which some republicans seek to fund would allow research on embryos which scientist determine are not capable of surviving in the womb. This opens another interesting discussion -- and scientific avenue -- which must be considered instead of embryonic stem cell research.

The debate about embryonic stem cell research is an important one. It will (at least should) be an important part of the debate in the upcoming presidential election. If a democrat is elected president, and we still have a democratic controlled congress, then we certainly will see federally funded embryonic stem cell research. All the more reason to support (and elect) a conservative republican back to the White House.


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