Thursday, May 17, 2007

Fred Thompson & Abortion

Many bloggers have already covered this ground but I also wanted to mention it here. When Fred Thompson announced on Chris Wallace's show that he was considering a run for the White House, he curtly answered "pro-life" when Wallace asked him his position on abortion. Since then, this video has been posted on YouTube, and this survey from Thompson's 1994 senate race was posted on Project Vote Smart.

If he decides to run (and indications are that he is leaning that direction), then Thompson will need to clearly and succintly clarify his position on abortion. Is he absolutely pro-life and opposed to abortion under any circumstances or does he believe there should be some exceptions? I think that it is clear he is not pro-choice as most would define that term. His voting record in the senate was completely pro-life. But I think that he will need to clarify his position for evangelicals and the religious right. The issue is important to many in the republican party even if they are not one issue voters.


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