Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Fred Thompson v. Michael Moore

This is good stuff. Michael Moore challenges Fred Thompson to a debate and Thompson issues this response. It's hillarious. Who knows whether Michael Moore was serious (it may just be a publicity stunt by Moore) but Thompson videoing his response to the challenge while chewing on one of his Cuban cigars is an instant classic.


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Blogger John May said...

Jerome, doubtless Moore's movie Sicko overly romanticize the Cuban health care system. That system does not rank as highly as our own which was clearly shown at one point in the movie. I have been to Cuba, and I returned with three clear impressions, <1> Castro is a corrupt despot whose rule has impoverished his people, <2> were it not for the U.S. embargo, he would have lost power years ago, and <3> Cubans love Americans and desperately wish to be embraced by us.

The issue raised by Sicko, however, is the broken U. S. healthcare system. Fred Thompson sidestepped this in his video as he fingered his Cuban cigar. This response seemed to me to demonstrate both his disdain for the law (it's illegal to import Cuban cigars into the U.S.) and his disdain for the 43 million Americans who go without health insurance.

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