Monday, July 02, 2007

Republican Mayor Takes Office in Madison County

Jimmy Harris was sworn in as County Mayor of Madison County this morning. Harris is the first republican to become county mayor in Madison County in years, if ever. He was elected by the county commission to fill a vacancy in the county mayor's office when the previous mayor was elected as mayor of the City of Jackson.

I expect Harris will do a great job as mayor and I look forward to working with him. He is well liked in the community and with his background in business and commercial development he will be well-suited to manage the county. He will serve until August 2008 at which time he will have to seek election to complete the remaining two years of the term. Then, if elected in 2008, he will run again in 2010 for a full four year term.

It is a new day in Madison County with the republican controlled county commission and a republican in the county mayor's office. The two should work well together.



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