Thursday, October 25, 2007

Good News for Huckabee Campaign

There's good news today for the Mike Huckabee campaign. The Evangelical Outpost blog today endorsed Huckabee. It is a joint endorsement with Mere Orthodoxy and Between Two Worlds. Yesterday Joe Carter at Evangelical Outpost withdrew his support for Fred Thompson and lamented not supporting Mike Huckabee earlier -- who was Joe's favorite candidate from the beginning. His reasoning for not supporting Huckabee sooner was that he didn't think Huckabee could win the nomination. I'm not sure Huckabee can win the nomination either but I applaud Carter and the others for taking a principled position and supporting who they think is the best candidate regardless of whether he passes the electability litmus test at this point.

The reason this is significant for the Huckabee campaign is because Evangelical Outpost is one of the most read blogs on the internet -- particularly among evangelical conservatives. This is quite a feather in the cap for the Huckabee campaign. We'll see if it translates into more fundraising and support for Mike Huckabee.


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