Monday, December 10, 2007

Madison County Mayor Campaign Kickoff

Mayor Jimmy Harris has scheduled a campaign kickoff for tomorrow evening at the Old English Inn in Jackson. Mayor Harris is campaigning to retain the office to which he was appointed earlier this year when the former county mayor was elected mayor of the City of Jackson. His only opponent so far (filing deadline is December 13) is former senator Don McLeary. McLeary has announced his intentions of running for the seat and has begun to campaign, but hasn't yet filed his petition with the election commission.

Harris' invitation boast several local and state dignitaries. These "hosts" of the party are: Republican Caucus Chairman Mark Norris; State Senator Bill Ketron; State Senator Paul Stanley; State Representative Jimmy Eldridge; Madison County Sheriff David Woolfork; Madison County Tax Assessor Frances Hunley; Madison County Register of Deeds Linda Waldon; and Madison County Circuit Court Clerk Judy Barnhill. Also, eleven of the Madison County Commissioners have signed on as supporting Harris.

The special guest at the event will be Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey.

A non-exhaustive list of others who are identified as hosts on the invitation are: Jim Ayers; Scooter Clippard; Carl Kirkland; and Jimmy Wallace. There are even some local democrats who are supporting Harris such as former City of Jackson Mayor Charles Farmer.

Harris has certainly brought out the big guns. I'm not sure where Don McLeary will find his support within the local republican party when it is obvious that the local and state republican leaders are lining up against him. McLeary has announced his plan to run in the republican primary on February 5, 2008. But he hasn't filed his petition yet. Is it possible he will file to run as an independent instead? Although he was one time a democrat, he can't win an election as a democrat again. The local democrats are still livid about him switching paties before the last election. So if he doesn't file to run as a republican, his only alternative is to run as an independent. But would there be any credibility in that? Once a democrat, then a republican and then an independent? I can't see it working.

Perhaps McLeary knows more about local politics than I do, but I still can't figure out his strategy. Particularly in light of this impressive list of supports for his opponent.


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