Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Attacks on Palin Blamed on Obama

The MSM, liberal bloggers and Obama campaign continue to hit Governor Palin hard and tonight we'll see how well she can take a punch. I suspect she can take one quite well ... and will fire off a few of her own.

I'm not surprised at how vicious the attacks have been on Governor Palin. And as the days go by it is becoming more and more clear the source of the attacks. It is clearly the work of the Obama campaign surrogates. Did anybody see Campbell Brown's interview with Tucker Bounds Monday night? Brown's bias toward Obama leaped through the television screen into every home that watched. CNN -- and especially Campbell Brown -- are clearly in Obama's corner.

Brown asked Tucker Bounds to name an accomplishment of Governor Palin. Has Brown ever asked the Obama campaign to name one of his accomplishments? I'm sure she hasn't because she knows that Obama can't name one accomplishment of his "experience" in the Illinois state lesgilature or during his short tenure in the U.S. Senate. The MSM -- including CNN and Campbell Brown -- will never ask the tough questions of Obama.

Last night I watched Fred Thompson's speech on Fox and then switched over to see the coverage on other networks. MSNBC wasn't even broadcasting Fred's speech! That speaks volumes about the media bias in this election. Despite this overt attempt to keep Fred out of many Americans' living rooms, I do hope millions of Americans heard Fred's question: Who can we trust with the presidency? The events of the last week make the answer to that question abundantly clear.

While Governor Palin is the frontline of the attacks, the target really is mine and your values. The Obama campaign -- with the help of the MSM and liberal bloggers -- are attacking heartland values. And I think this attempt to assasinate Governor Palin's character in this first week after she was announced will backfire on the Obama campaign.

All across America there are millions of families who either have dealt with a teenage pregnancy, have relatives who have dealt with one or know friends who have dealt with one. Those families -- and voters -- will not appreciate what the Obama campaign is trying to do to Governor Palin and her family. It will turn them off, and at the same time will feed the energy of the conservative, religious base of the republican party. In the last 5 days I've seen more energy and excitement from friends and family about the election than I have since the primaries began. They're mad about these attacks on Governor Palin and her family, and their anger is directed at the Obama campaign.

There's nothing new about the MSM being in the tank for the Obama campaign, but it certainly has taken on a new dimension in recent days. And the result will be an uprising by the conservative grassroots that the Obama campaign cannot withstand.


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