Monday, September 08, 2008

Obama Loosing Appeal to Evangelicals

Steven Waldman (editor of Belief Net) had an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal Friday. The premise was that Barack Obama is loosing his appeal to moderate evangelicals. Waldman lists several things to which he attributes this downward trend that include Obama's performance at Saddleback and the nomination of Sarah Palin for VP. But I think Waldman leaves out one very important element from his list.

The main reason I believe that Obama fails to gain traction with evangelicals (and particularly conservative evangelicals) is because we've never heard him describe a life changing encounter with Jesus Christ. He gives the mantra that he's a Christian (although some bloggers are posting about this gaffe over the weekend about his "muslim faith"), but he does so in a universalist way. There has been some writers who have covered this issue previously, and here is a link to an article by Joseph Farah that discusses the subject. Evangelicals know that there is only one way to Heaven, not many as Obama claims. And we know what it means to be a Christian, not just claim the title as Obama does.

On a different note, a friend of mine attended the RNC last week. He said that during Sarah Palin's speech Wednesday evening that NBC reporters David Gregory and Chuck Todd were mocking her, off camera. Does anyone seriously doubt that there is any political bias in the MSM?


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