Thursday, September 04, 2008

The One We've Been Waiting For

I watched Sarah Palin's speech last night with awe and envy. (The envy part came from the fact that one of my partners was in attendance and witnessed the energy and electricity live). It was an incredible speech and was delivered brillantly.

I'm sensing more excitement among Christian conservatives than I've sensed in some time. Many were planning on staying home on election day, but now not only are they planning to vote for the McCain-Palin ticket, they're energized to work for a McCain-Palin victory. Even my wife -- who has absolutely no interest in politics -- watched Palin's speech and cheered often. Her reaction is indicative, I think, of how a lot of evangelicals (men and women) feel about Sarah Palin.

But it is far from over. If we thought the last 6 days were tough, just wait til we see what the MSM, liberal bloggers and Obama campaign have in store for Governor Palin over the next 60. They will utterly try to destroy her. Why? Because she represents the values of the heartland. She represents the values of the religious right. And they will stop at nothing to insure that she never holds elected office outside of Alaska.

Palin's speech (and Rudy's before her) was simply incredible. Now Americans realize that she is an acceptable candidate for vice president. I hope the backlash against the Obama campaign for the smears against her rises up like a tidal wave. And I hope they continue to say she doesn't have the experience to be vice president. When they raise this argument, it simply demands a comparison of the experience between Obama and McCain. A comparison which McCain will always win. So keep taking the bait, Obama.

Another thing I heard someone say earlier today (and something I've said before in an earlier post) is that an important function of the president is to nominate supreme court and federal court judges. If that is the measuring stick by which you intend to decide your vote, then ask yourself: Would you rather have Barack Obama nominating judges or John McCain? I hope your answer is John McCain because our country cannot afford to have Barack Obama selecting federal judges.


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