Sunday, April 15, 2007

Is He In or Not?

More Fred Thompson. The Weekly Standard has an interview with Fred Thompson that is really enlightening on several topics. One that is important to me is that Thompson affirmatively states that he is pro-life. There have been reports since Thompson's senate campaign years ago that he was pro-choice -- at least in some instances. He tries to clear that up in this piece. Also, Bill Frist is quoted as saying that the story about Thompson's lymphoma needed to get out early -- before Thompson announces that he's running.

It certainly sounds as though Thompson is running. Some firmly believe that he is not. While others are even more certain that he is. My best guess is that he is leaning toward running. I think he must announce before the end of June. He is way behind in fundraising and has a lot of ground to make up.

So while all of the republican candidates are swarming all over Iowa, Fred Thompson is sitting at his home outside of Washington waiting for just the right moment. We'll see when that is.


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Blogger Crystal Miller said...

I get a news feed from and they took a poll on the internet.

I quote from "Our “Should Fred Thompson Run for President” poll of nearly 100,000 people also disclosed that the former senator from Tennessee and “Law & Order” star would trounce all leading Republican candidates in a primary."

Time will tell,but it certainly spices up the chat about Fred Thompson being a candidate.

1:45 PM  

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