Monday, May 14, 2007

Weekend Headlines

Here are some stories that ran over the weekend that I found interesting. Several writers discussed Rudy Guiliani's abortion position. Guiliani has sent mixed messages about his stance on abortion and he tried to clarify his position late last week. The Wall Street Journal said that the GOP needs to avoid a brawl over the abortion issue. It opined that an internal fight among the GOP over abortion will open the door wide for a democrat to win the White House. Pat Buchanan has a different take on the issue and stated that Guiliani is not welcome in Buchanan's GOP -- which he defines as the party of Reagan. And lastly on this issue, Peter Brown of RealClearPolitics published an article that Guiliani's decision to de-emphasize the caucuses in Iowa and the primaries in New Hampshire and South Carolina defies history and logic.

Fred Thompson told a reporter in Florida that he isn't rushing his decision. With the Florida primaries on January 29, it seems to me that he might need to speed up his deliberations, though.

Mike Huckabee may have scored some points in the republican debate a week ago but may not get support from a former staffer who now runs the South Carolina GOP.

Recent poll averages show Guiliani leading, with McCain second, Thompson third and Romney fourth.


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