Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Will Abortion Issue Decide Primary?

Has the GOP become a one issue party? Some believe that and are warning against it. They say that although Rudy Guiliani is pro-choice the party should still nominate him for the White House in 2008. I disagree.

The republican party must not give up the pro-life plank in its platform. It is too important. We must faithfully support the santity of human life and that includes the battle against embryonic stem cell research as well as against abortion.

There are many articles today on what impact Guiliani's decision to solidify his pro-choice position will have on the republican primary. E.J. Dionne writes that Guiliani's position will challenge the pro-life republicans. Dionne says that if pro-lifers are serious, then they must oppose Guiliani the same as they did John Kerry. Jack Kelly says that he supports Guiliani because he believers Guiliani's leadership qualities trump his position on abortion. The New York Daily News editorial today says that Guiliani's position brings the republican party to a crossroads. Does it spurn Guiliani because of his position on abortion or does it embrace him because he is electable? Cal Thomas challenges Guiliani's position in his article today and suggests that the republican party can certainly win the White House in 2008 while nominating a pro-life candidate. It did so with Reagan, Bush I and Bush II.

And the battle continues on the front lines between abortion and pro-life activists. The Washington Times has a two-part story ending today on the battle among the two groups that will impact the 2008 race. Both sides realize that control of the White House leads to nominations to federal court benches (particularly the supreme court) which is really what the battle is all about.

I do hope that the republican party not only reaffirms its pro-life position but advances it.

Lastly, Jerry Falwell passed away today. He was one of the leaders in the religious right movement of the 1980's. He was vilified by some and revered by others. There's no doubt he spoke his mind and influenced many people. Whether you loved him or hated him, there is no questioning the fact that he had a huge impact on national politics over the last 25 years.


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