Monday, June 25, 2007

Roundup of Presidential Campaign Headlines

Late last week word began to circulate that Fred Thompson planned to finally announce his intentions to seek the republican nomination at a news conference in Nashville tomorrow. Speculation now is that he will only announce that he plans to open his national headquarters in Nashville. We'll see how this plays out. He may still make a formal announcement tomorrow but most are betting against it.

The latest polls have Fred Thompson leading in Nevada. This without even actually announcing that he is a candidate. Michael Barone has this recap of how the polls have moved over the last several months.

Stuart Rothenberg has John McCain's presidential aspiration on its death bed. Robert Novak reported at the end of last week that McCain's people were pleading for money before the end of June. McCain has sent out a SOS because he wants the quarterly financial report to look better than is anticipated. His goal was to raise $10,000,000 in the second quarter and he is falling short. If the polls referenced above are accurate, McCain needs something big soon or he will effectively be out of the race. Money will start flowing to the candidates that republican votes believe have a chance of winning. The ole electability litmus test.

Rudy Guiliani is planning to speak to conservative Christians at Regents University. He likely won't address his position on abortion and gay marriage but he does need to start making some headway among Christian conservatives. Catholic leaders are already expressing their disappointment over Guiliani's stance on abortion.

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