Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Giuliani - Huckabee?

There is more talk of a potential Giuliani-Huckabee ticket. The strategy does make sense. Giuliani has the ability to carry New York -- which the democrats must desperately hang on to -- but will alienate evangelical conservatives. Social conservatives are Huckabee's strong suit. So he would easily balance the ticket with Giuliani.

Also, Joe Carter at evangelical outpost announced on his blog today that he has relocated to Little Rock, AR, to work on the Huckabee campaign team.


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Blogger Trebor Yelam said...

Look, honestly the balancing credit you give to Huckabee on that ticket doesn't have much leverage. Think about it, sure Giuliani is a more moderate Republican on social issues, but if it is him vs Clinton (or any other Democrat for that matter) who are the evangelicals going to vote for? Giuliani of course. So why would he need Huckabee to "balance out" the ticket? If Republicans want to win they have to work on getting more independant votes, not preaching to the choir of evangelicals. The best strategy to do that would be to put someone with a more economical agenda under Giuliani. Mitt Romney, perhaps.

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