Friday, May 18, 2007

Rudy's Not The One

Dr. James Dobson wrote and article that appeared in World Net Daily he unequivocally and irrevocably said that he would not support Rudy Giuliani for president under any circumstances. Dobson said that he would rather not vote -- or vote for someone who cannot win -- that to vote for Giuliani, Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. Those are strong words. Dr. Dobson is very influential among evangelicals. He has told us who he will not support. The only question remaining is who will he support?


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Blogger A Christian Prophet said...

I have also heard that James Dobson is not crossing Mitt Romney off his list (at least at this time). I salute his open-mindedness. Mormons love Jesus Christ. Mormons consider Jesus Christ their savior. Mormons walk with Him, talk to Him, and strive to live their lives by His Guidance. Therefore evangelicals who say they cannot support Mitt Romney are simply NOT TRUSTING JESUS is working inside of Mormons. Evangelicals who can't trust Jesus need to quiet their fears and listen inside to the Voice for God. Jesus Christ heals (and corrects) all who love Him, including Mormons.

Rev. Brian Eenigenburg

1:57 PM  

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