Friday, December 14, 2007

Fred Surge?

I've pointed out before that political campaigns are all about momentum. About a month ago I posted about whether Fred Thompson was waiting for just the right time to peak. It may be happening -- right on time for Thompson's campaign.

The rave in the last couple of weeks has been about Mike Huckabee. There were even headlines that read "Huck-a-boom" as he surged ahead in polls in Iowa and South Carolina. But since Tuesday, Fred Thompson has captured the headlines.

Fred's rebellion toward the Des Moines Register editor who moderated the debate on Tuesday has been the sound bite from that debate. Fred has been the talk of the town since Tuesday. The American Spectator declared that Fred isn't dead. There is even talk of whether Fred can surge in Iowa. And with Huckabee apologizing to Romney and Hillary apologizing to Obama, Fred decided he should apologize too. Fred's been on his A game this week.

The polls have Thompson running third in Iowa behind Huckabee and Romney. But in South Carolina he has moved back into second place. Although he is a distant third in Iowa, he could really gain some momentum if he closes that gap. Even if he finishes third in Iowa, he could snatch the momentum away by coming in a close third -- much closer than he's polling at now. That momentum could catapult him into either a South Carolina win or a strong second place finish there. Either one would keep his momentum going into the Super Tuesday primaries on February 5. And who knows what could happen then? He may not win enough delegate votes to take the nomination but he might get enough to be a player in a brokered convention.

On a different note, the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance is introducing What Lies Within by Karen Ball. I hope you get a chance to pick-up a copy of this book.


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Blogger Winghunter said...

As the Hucksters record quickly catches up to him all the prayer of a man who has no idea of right from wrong will not save his bacon.

For example, today the news reports are talking about the Hucksters unbelievably ignorant letter to our president on foreign policy....this isn't the first time he has made such a blatant buffoon out of himself.

In 2002 he wrote the President demanding the Cuban embargo be lifted. In his later "apology" he claimed that it was "proximity" which caused his imbecillic error...Which is saying; "Cuba is too far away for me to know what I'm talking about.".

As for Fred Thompson, I see two distinct reasons for his temporary falter in the polls.

First and foremost, the MSM began their spin and vile smears before he even announced his run as they knew a true conservative would unite the base. So, they went far out of there way to push their political agenda on us.

Seondly, the majority of voters have obviously not researched the candidates at all. The hundred's of reports and articles of quotes by them leave no question that they merely listen to what is being parroted by the MSM and the candidates themselves. Yet, and this is the true eye-opener, if the MSM points their spin towards discounting how the candidate is delivering his message then they choose not to listen to what the message is...the MSM is fully versed in the depraved art of political assassination.

However, his character and integrity shines through all of this where in the last few days more are taking an interest in what he is saying; his workable and detailed solutions that he has already offered even on subjects that no one else will even talk well as being the only qualified and experienced candidate running.

If this was not the age of the internet with all the records immediately available to whomever chooses to accept their responsibility as an informed voting citizen, than I would say the MSM would win and we would lose...but, this is not the situation at all.

2:18 PM  

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