Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Fred Thompson -- Picking The Right Time To Peak

Much has been made since Fred Thompson entered the presidential race about Fred being lazy, not having the heart for the job, disappointing, etc. But perhaps that's all part of Fred's plan. Keeping expectations low and then exceeding them would generate a tremendous amount of momentum. Before he formally entered the race, Fred was viewed as the saviour of the conservatives. Everybody was hyped up and Fred was the buzz everywhere. And then he formally entered and by everyone's account he fell flat. His poll numbers have slowly drifted down. But it may all be by design.

Fred must pick the right time to peak. If he peaks too early, then there will be others who have time to pass him. Peak to late and the momentum will have passed him by. But keep expectations low; let everyone talk about him being lazy, not wanting the job, etc.; and then pick up steam at just the right time might just be the game plan for Fred.

Larry Kudlow likes Fred. He interviewed Fred recently and wrote about the fire in Fred's belly that is beginning to show.

In the Real Clear Politics Blog this morning Tom Bevan asked whether Fred is dead or just resting. I suspect the latter. I know some of Fred's campaign people. They've got a strategy. And just when everyone has pushed Fred to the curb he'll do something to gain the momentum. And could that something be an endorsement from James Dobson? If you recall, earlier this year Dobson said that Fred Thompson was not a Christian and that he didn't have the "want to" to be president. Could that position be changing? Fred picked up the National Right to Life Committee's endorsement last week. Could other conservative Christian leaders' endorsements be far behind? I think there is a lot of wisdom in Fred reaching out to evangelical Christians.

I don't think Fred is being lazy. I think Fred is doing things the way he wants to. And I think he's lying in wait for just the right time to peak and steal the momentum away from the other candidates.


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Blogger A. Renee Daley said...

Mr. Jackson;

I enjoyed this particular post. As a Thompson supporter I have often said that those who ignore him or discount him in any way - does so at their own peril.

Fred will see his momentum pick up and the campaign is starting to shift into high gear.

On another note;

Fred Heads all over the country at the grassroots level have planned a national day of donation tomorrow for Senator Thompson. We have dubbed it Fred's Giving Day .

If you support Fred Thompson, please consider a donation anytime between 12:01 until 11:59 November 21st. You can use the website linked above for more information.

No amount is too small!

A. Renee Daley
Falcons for Fred

11:16 AM  
Blogger A. Renee Daley said...

Mr. Teel;

I must offer you a sincere apology.

I misread the bio on your blog and addressed you by the wrong name. Mistaking your home town as your surname.

I am both very embarrassed and sorry for the error.

12:26 PM  
Blogger Jerome said...

No problem, Renee. I've been called worse.

12:30 PM  

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